Electronic Alchemy

3D Printed Electronics. On Demand.

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Enabling Innovation

The Electronic Alchemy eForge is the first 3D printing system capable of producing functional electronics.

Electronic device components and sensors can be designed and printed on demand, or downloaded from the extensive shared library on our design portal. These 3D printed components can be used in items such as toys, mobile devices, and beyond.



Science fiction has become reality. Imagine downloading any electronic device that you want then printing it in minutes. That’s what’s possible with the Electronic Alchemy eForge.

The Electronic Alchemy eForge is a multi-material 3D printer based upon our proprietary materials development. We have identified at least six distinct materials critical for the 3D printing of electronics. 


Backed By NASA

Our product development has been funded and supported by NASA to support their mission critical needs.

Potential Applications

Electronic components are an integral part of the modern world, and they have always been difficult and cost-prohibitive to produce. Until now. Potential applications for the Electronic Alchemy eForge are nearly limitless.

Chemical, temperature and CO2 Sensors

Custom  communications, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, IoT

Biomedical Applications

(in-situ, modified clothing, smart devices) 

Educational hardware/software

Defense, NASA mission critical applications

Built-in electronics in mechanical, artistic applications, wearables

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